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Backmans and Coveys Islands Project: 2006/2007

May 2007

Dear MICA Members and Friends,

We are very pleased to confirm that the Province of Nova Scotia has completed the purchase of Backmans and Coveys Islands through the Partnership Agreement with MICA.

Coveys Island
Coveys Island, May 2008
Photo: John Meisner

Sincere thanks to everyone who supported the MICA fundraising campaign for these islands. Your generous contributions through donations, honored pledges and fund raising events have enabled us to meet our substantial financial commitment of $175,000 towards these purchases.

We would like to thank the Honourable Rodney MacDonald, Premier of Nova Scotia; the Honorable David Morse, Minister of Natural Resources; the Honourable Michael Baker, local MLA and Minister of Finance and the provincial cabinet for their demonstrated support of MICA's objectives by providing significant funding for the purchase of Backmans and Coveys Islands.

Backmans and Coveys Islands now belong to all Nova Scotians. They are favorite islands in Mahone Bay and are viewed and traditionally used by many residents and visitors. We no longer have to be concerned that they may be altered or have restricted access. The stewardship of these islands now falls under the responsibility of MICA through our Stewardship Agreement with the Province of Nova Scotia. Please help us make this task easy by treating them with the utmost respect and following the posted Crown Lands Regulations. This will help ensure that their beauty and natural environment will be protected.

Backmans and Coveys Islands
Aerial view of Backmans and Coveys Islands
Photo: © Robert Fish, Heckman's Island

We believe there are other logical and important opportunities for MICA to pursue in Mahone Bay. Future acquisitions will require additional fundraising. Our next project will provide another opportunity for you to make a contribution to the legacy we are jointly building. This legacy will be enjoyed by generations to come and will become more valuable as time goes on. We will be advising of our next acquisition project at the appropriate time.

In summary, we offer sincere thanks to all of you who are members and friends of MICA and who have supported this acquisition. You can be very proud of your contribution towards this accomplishment.

As you may recall, we initially required 21% of the total pledged amount to meet our commitment. As it turns out, many of you chose to respond with a much higher percentage than was requested. This allowed us to meet our commitment even though all pledges have not yet been honoured. Outstanding pledges now received will be applied to our acquisition account which should give us a good start for our next project.

In addition:

  • If you are not a member of MICA, please consider joining. The printable membership form that you may mail in is here. Membership fees are $10 per year and can be paid directly on line.
  • If you are a member, our new year began on April 1, 2007. If you haven't done so, please remit your $10 membership fee which can be paid directly on line. It is important that we receive these fees, as they go towards supporting our administrative expenses which include legal, professional, copying, printing, postage and other such costs.
  • If you are on our mailout list and do have an email address, please forward it to us through the Contact Form portion of our web site, as email distribution is far more cost effective than mail.

Again, thank you and congratulations....



John Meisner
Chair Finance, Administration and Acquisition Committee


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Updated September 28, 2022
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