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Zwicker Island property 2

Donation Project – Zwicker Island property

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Acquisition History

MICA was approached in the fall of 2015 by the family of Philip Court (related to the Cluett family ref above and with Lunenburg roots)  asking if MICA would be interested receiving a donation of a waterfront lot on Zwicker Island in Indian Point. MICA inspected the property, which was in its natural state and expressed our interest and appreciation in receiving the donation, explaining that MICA would facilitate the donation to the Province in exchange for a typical Stewardship Agreement. The donation was completed in December 2016.

Island Description

he waterfront lot of about 0.9 acres is triangular in shape and located on the shore of Zwicker Island facing Indian Point. The shoreline is very suitable for landing in a small boat with good water off the lot for anchoring and for protection for the traditional summer southerlies. MICA signage identifies property boundaries. Once off the shore and up over the bank. This is a nice little area for a picnic and a great place for observing the boat traffic through Indian Point.