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Squid Island

Acquisition Project – Squid Island

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Acquisition History

This was our first acquisition in the Municipality of Chester. The island was always on our radar as highly desirable to include in the Mahone Islands Conservation Area. After successful negotiations with the owner and the Province, the island was acquired in March of 2015. MICA had sufficient funds at the time to meet our financial obligations so we did not have to have a special fund raising campaign. The Municipality of Chester supported the acquisition with a donation. 

We were very excited to have made the announcement to our members in early April of 2014. The island meets our criteria: it is essentially in its natural state having had some silvaculture several years previous. This acquisition now extends MICA’s reaches to the Chester side of the bay.

Island Description

This typical drumlin island is about 12 acres located off Western Shore and south of the famous Oak Island. The island has a nice little cove, beach and picnic area on the western side that has been traditionally used for picnicking, swimming etc.