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Shag Island

Acquisition Project – Shag (Indian) Island

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Acquisition History

The island was for sale in 2010 and one of our members came to us saying we should consider acquiring the island. The Board agreed, as the island was part of the outer island cluster which included LIPS islands and Sacrifice Island, which were already MICA islands. It was in its natural state and was traditionally used. The deal was concluded in March of 2012 for the acquisition.  Interesting to note that in the title search of the island during our due diligence state, it was discovered that although the nautical chart refers to the island as Indian, the proper name is Shag. MICA has made several attempts to have the name changed to avoid confusion.

Island Description

The island of about 13 acres is wooded over then typical slate rocks of that area. There is a nice little cove on the north west end and on the east side a narrow passage that leads to a secluded little cove. Not too much sand (ie none) but small slate rock on the coves. Care must be taken when piloting in the area, as there are numerous rock ledges that come up quickly. This is ideal territory for small boat, kayaks and the like.