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Sacrifice Island

Acquisition Project – Sacrifice Island

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Acquisition History

Sacrifice Island was on MICA’s acquisition radar for some time. It had a very rich history and was an island that had significant traditional use. Discussions began with the owner in 2007 which eventually resulted in an acquisition in 2009. The Province was our major funding partner with MODL making a significant financial contribution.  MICA initiated a financial pledge campaign to support the acquisition and called in the pledges when all parties had signed the purchase and sale agreement. The results from the pledge call in allowed MICA to meet its financial commitment for the acquisition.

Island Description

The island is a typical drumlin island of about 16 acres located off Second Peninsula on the headlands of Mahone Bay and inshore from Long Island.  With a very nice cove facing south west and its proximately to the Sawpit wharf in Luneburg’s back harbour,  the island lends itself very well for visits by small boats, kayaks and the like via the waters of the back passage. The north facing shore has significant erosion however the  long bar that runs out to the south east seems to be building. After the acquisition, the Stewardship Committee organized a typical island cleanup. Lots of accumulated garbage and trash was removed along with an old camp that was in a dilapidated condition.