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Oakland Waterfront Property

Acquisition Project – Oakland Waterfront Property

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Acquisition History

This very significant property on the Oakland waterfront had been for sale for many years. MICA Directors had long thought that it would be a very appropriate partnered acquisition. It would be our first land based project and would certainly comply with our Mission that states ‘islands and shoreline of Mahone Bay’.  After numerous attempts to find a major funding partner, the Municipality of the District of Lunenburg eventually agreed to join MICA in the project. MICA’s vision for the property was for it to be a conservation area as opposed to a typical municipal park, much like our islands. That meant essentially no services with the concept of ‘Leave Only Your Footprints’. This vision and our proposed property sketch was accepted by MODL. The very successful fundraising drive allowed MICA to meet its financial obligation for the project. The property is now known as the Mahone Islands Conservation Association Oakland Conservation Area. (MOCA). Title is with MODL and MICA’s interests are protected by a typical Stewardship Agreement. 

As a bonus to the project, and as part of the deal, a significant portion of the Sweetmarsh Property which is across the road was donated by owners Pat and Bob Eisenhauer. Ducks Unlimited have a Stewardship Agreement with MODL on that property. 

This was a very important project for MICA and gives people who don’t have boats or access to our islands the opportunity to enjoy a very nice waterfront property in Mahone Bay.

MICA thanks and acknowledges MODL Management and Council for their vision and important partnership in this project.

Property Description

The property of about 2 acres is located in Oakland on the waters of Mahone Bay.

There was a substantial sea wall built by the previous owners on the west shoreside. The east shoreside is natural with a sand beach, significant beach grass and typical vegetation behind the beach. There is a small pond on the eastern property boundary.  MODL has constructed a parking lot and bike path entrance compliant with MICA’s sketches and vision for the property. The Property Use Guidelines are posted and are very similar to those for the MICA islands. The intention is to keep the area essentially in its natural state compliant with a conservation area and to provide a place for a quiet reflection on nature. There is private property on both sides of MOCA as indicated by property boundary signage.