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Moland Point (lots)

Donation Project – Moland Point (lots)

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Acquisition History

MICA was so fortunate to be the intended recipient of two prime waterfront lots on Molands Point in East Chester. Rudy and Mickie Haase’s wonderful legacy continued. Just before he died, Rudy, Nova Scotia’s preeminent land conservationist, donated two extremely valuable waterfront lots to MICA for the permanent benefit of the people of his adopted province. These beautiful lots will provide water access to the public for generations to come. MICA facilitated the donation to the Municipality of Chester, as they would be the appropriate titleholder for this property. MICA’s interests are secured by a typical Stewardship Agreement. 

Rudy was the recipient of the Mahone Island Conservation Award in 2010 for his significant land conservation efforts. 

Property Description

The two lots, comprising approximately 4 acres, are located on Molands Point on Buccaneer’s Road. The property with mature growth and significant shorefront provides access to the water in East Chester. The beach, of pebble rock, provides a great place for a quiet reflection on nature.