Masons Island (big cove and center)

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Masons Island (big cove and center)

Acquisition Project – Masons Island (big cove and center)

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Acquisition History

Having acquired the north end with MODL in 2008 and with MODL already owning the center section of the big cove, the remainder of the big cove and center section of the island was an acquisition goal of MICAs for many years. Although historically the island has had traditional use, since the early 2000s, with more and faster boats in the bay, the island has become very accessible and very popular. MICA approached the owners, Dr Georg and Ingeborg Vizkelety in 2011 who offered a very favorable price for this prime piece of Masons Island.  Although it took time, the successful acquisition of the center section of the islands was a very successful partnership between MODL, the province, the property owners and MICA. MICA’s initial approach for a funding partner was to  MODL, as they were the adjacent landowners. However, in discussions, MODL had expressed an interest in obtaining the Wiles Lake Lands and Forests Depot near Bridgewater that was no longer active and was surplus to the Province. After many discussions, deliberations and negotiations, an arrangement was finally agreed to by all parties whereby MODL would be our major funding partner and would end up with the Wiles Lake property in exchange for the Masons Island lots for which the province would have title. This was a big win for all parties. A public ceremony to celebrate the project was held at Wiles Lake on September 13, 2014. In attendance were the Vizkeletys, MODL and PNS officials and MICA. MICA’s contribution to the acquisition was $150.000.

Island Description

Masons Island is one of the ‘sand islands’ and thus the centre section of the cove and the northern end are comprised largely sand dunes. The big cove is a natural for anchoring, and the mostly sandy shore provides a large area for enjoyment by many.