Long, Dry, Snipe and Centre Islands

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Long, Dry, Snipe and Centre Islands

Donation Project – Long, Dry, Centre and Snipe Islands

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Acquisition History

This was the first property donation to MICA. 

In 2007 MICA was approached by members of the Long Island Preservation Society (LIPS) who expressed a desire to donate their islands to MICA. LIPS was formed in the mid 1990s and acquired Long, Dry, Centre and Snipe islands with the intention of preserving them for traditional use and conservation. This was the first island donation to MICA who facilitated the donation to the Province in exchange for a typical Stewardship Agreement. 

The island owners at the time of donation were: Joan Carlson, Ann Hebb, Jim Morrow, Marita Morrow, Peter Smith, Janet Sweeny, Ruth Taylor, Don Taylor, Eric Whynacht and Heather Eisenhauer. The owners were presented with a token of appreciation at MICA’s summer event in 2008 at the Lunenburg Yacht Club. MICA was so grateful to the LIPS owners for their vision, generosity and demonstrated confidence in MICA and endorsement of MICA’s Mission by making this donation.

Island Description

This cluster of islands, located off Heckmans Island, comprises approximately 40 acres. In contrast to the typical drumlin islands of up in the bay, they are comprised of slate rock outcrops with some topsoil and vegetated primarily with softwoods. We refer to them as part of the outer island group. The primary island is Long Island, which been a favorite for picnicking over the years. The view from the top provides a great panoramic of the bay, with Chockle Cap being the closest.