Little Duck Island

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Little Duck Island

Acquisition Project – Birch Island

Acquisition History

It was brought to our attention in the fall of 2014 that the island was being sold at a tax sale. MICA put in a successful bid and became a property owner. Because of its location which is off the Lunenburg headlands, access to the island is only possible on a relatively calm day. Because of that it has had little traditional use but when it came up for a tax sale, we thought it was strategic to try to get it for conservation purposes. We understand to establish clear title for property acquired at a tax sale takes at least 7 years. MICA does not wish to own property and it is MICA’s intention to transfer to the Province in turn for a typical Stewardship Agreement. MICA’s accepted bid at the tax sale was $2,980.  Although not very popular for traditional use because of its location and topography, MICA thought it was important to bring the island into public ownership for conservation.

Island Description

The island of about 6 acres is located approximately 2 kilometers off the Lunenburg headlands. There is a bit of topsoil over the typical slate rock outcropping in that area. There is low vegetation, and the island traditionally has been a home for a variety of seabirds.