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Goat Island

Donation Project – Goat Island

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Acquisition History

Considering the location and state of the island, it was high priority for a MICA acquisition. We had discussions with the previous island owner in the early days of MICA, but at the time we were not in a position to make a serious offer. We were ecstatic when MICA was approached by John McLennan and family, who had recently purchased it, asking if we would be interested in receiving the island as a donation.   MICA thereby facilitated the donation to the Province in exchange for a typical Stewardship Agreement. The announcement of the donation was made at the 2014 GDA and was of course very well received, which, we believe, inspired spirited bidding at the auction component of the dinner. A ‘Thank you’ reception was held at Lunenburg Yacht Club in the summer of 2015 which was followed by a gathering on the island where John and his family were recognized for this tremendous donation.

Island Description

One of the smaller islands in the bay of a bit more than 4 acres, Goat is located to seaward of Andrews. Another typical drumlin island, it has a long bar or spit facing west that is ideal for a afternoon picnic and swim. The island is facing significant erosion on the east side, but it appears the bar on the west is building.  Very shallow water on the north side makes it great for access by small boats and provided protection from the traditional summer southerlies. Close proximately to Mahone Bay allows the island to be reached relatively easily by kayaks etc.