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Ernst Island property

Donation Project – Ernst Island property

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Acquisition History

MICA was approached in the fall of 2015 by Alison and Bob Reynolds of Bridgewater asking if we would be interested in receiving a donation of a property (approximately half) on Ernst Island. MICA inspected this significant property which was in its natural state and expressed our interest and appreciation in receiving the donation, explaining that MICA would facilitate the donation to the Province in exchange for a typical Stewardship Agreement. The donation was completed in December 2016.

Island Description

This very significant property of about 22 acres is essentially the north facing half of Ernst Island. The island is a typical drumlin island and this lot has significant shorelines on the Ernst Island gut, facing Indian Point and facing Gifford Island. The north facing side has a very nice beach with deep water for anchoring and offers great protection from the traditional summer southerlies and souwesterlies.