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Covey Island

Acquisition Project – Backmans and Coveys Islands

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Acquisition History

This was our third island partnered acquisition. It was for sale at the time and after an agreement with the province on MICA’s financial contribution, after negotiations, a deal was eventually made with the seller. The call-in from the pledge campaign again allowed MICA to meet its financial commitment and secure a very prime island in Mahone Bay.  The Andrews Island acquisition model was followed very successfully for this acquisition. The late Honorable Michael Baker and several of his government colleagues announced the province’s commitment to work with MICA for the acquisition of both Bachmans and Covey Islands at the 2006 Gala Dinner and Auction.

Island Description

This is one of the larger islands in the bay with a double drumlin profile and with several brackish ponds. Of about 108 acres, the island has a large cove facing west that traditionally has been most popular.  The shallows in the big cove run out quite a ways, so care must be taken when anchoring to avoid grounding in a falling tide. The big cove historically had abundant clams and a large mussel bed. The mussels are now gone, and the clams are quite scarce. The size and shoreline of the island provides lots of options for anchoring from winds of varying direction.  As on most of the islands, erosion is taking a toll on the east and north facing shores and sands seem to be building in and around the big cove. So much depends on the storms – wind and sea direction and if the peaks of the storms coincide with high tide.  Annual freeze thaw cycles also take their toll as well. Pins have been located in an attempt to measure the rates of erosion. 

Covey Island Ledge runs off to the northeast and is very popular with the local seal population. 

This island has high usage as well, but with very few exceptions, users are ‘Leaving Only Their Footprints’.