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Bella Island

Acquisition Project – Bella Island

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Acquisition History

Bella Island, a prime recreational island in Mahone Bay in its natural state was a strategic acquisition goal for many years for MICA. Communications with the owner began in 2006.

After exhausting all our due diligence, obtaining an appraisal, communications and negotiations with the owner and the province, we were very relieved to have concluded the deal in December 2013. A financial campaign was launched and the results of the 2013 GDA helped meet our commitment.

This was a huge win for MICA and the province.

Island Description

Bella Island, of about 24 acres, is another typical drumlin island. The prime picnic and camping area is the cove on the south end which has a nice beach which provides a good anchorage for the typical southerly winds. There is also a nice little beach area on the northwest side facing Kaulback island. Bella shoal, which runs out to the south, requires attention and caution.