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Sandy and I are sailors, We support this addiction with a practice of Architecture where I draw the pictures and Sandy manages the finances. The great privilege of living in Chester allows us to enjoy the Mahone Bay Islands each and every day. With this comes the obligation to preserve and secure these treasures. Sandy and I started on such a journey over twenty years ago, collaborating with the Municipality of Chester and several wonderful volunteers. We were able to move Clay, Big Fish and Mrs. Finney’s Hat (aka Round Island Nubble) from private to Municipal ownership.  About 10 years ago I was promoted to the MICA board and now serve as Secretary.

My favourite MICA projects are:

  • The purchase of Little Duck Island in a tax sale. The owner was unknown, and bringing the taxes up-to-date secured another island for MICA
  • The recent purchase of Birch Island, where Sandy and I played a small role.
  • Introducing school children to our islands when insurance and school policy allows.

My favourite islands: All of them!!