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When Patti I moved here back in ’91, the first thing we did was buy a 16ft wooden punt which we kept in Lunenburg Back Harbour.

We travelled everywhere but loved the runs up through Tanners Pass and the beaches on the back side of Heckman’s Island before the development came. Both our children grew up around the punt till we got a little faster speed boat in 2001 which now takes us as far as Deep Cove and Tancook for lunch.

Our favorite island by far is the pure tranquility of Long Island, we take all new visitors to show them a little piece of heaven. Next on our list is Squid, just based on the fact it is off the beaten path for most people. But we have spent time on pretty much every MICA island.

My children as well now enjoy the islands, kayaking and camping when they come home for the weekends.

As far as MICA goes I was involved from the early days with cleanups (including my whole family), stewardship committee and since 2010 a Director of Membership and now Stewardship.

Also as a result of the GDA we are now a proud owner of a Herreshoff Golden Eye sailboat.14.