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Islands, in general, have a unique appeal to many people offering an escape and natural beauty surrounded by water. The challenge of getting to islands makes them even more intriguing. However uninhabited, untouched and unspoiled islands provide peace and quiet and a chance to connect to nature and life’s simple pleasures. As our world grows, we risk losing these precious spaces much needed to disconnect from the busyness of the world.

For me, a kayak paddle to a Mahone Bay island for a picnic, a swim or an overnight stay offers a chance to rejuvenate and start afresh. I see the islands as a chance for young and old to rediscover their interdependence with nature, a necessary component for saving this planet and mankind.

MICA has spent 20 years trying to ensure that these much-needed refuges continue to be available for rest, relaxation, contemplation, and exploration for generations to come and they have succeeded beyond all expectation. I feel blessed to have joined the directors in 2017 and enjoy working with such a passionate and dedicated group. Indeed, they are the epitome of “small but mighty” and I’m excited to think of what the future may bring! As chair of membership, I invite you to become a member and join us on this Mission!