MICA at the boat show 2023

MICA at the boat show 2023

MICA is pleased to report that the association was well-supported at the 2023 Halifax International Boat Show in early February by both volunteers and attendees! Despite or because of the very cold Saturday, attendance was up and membership sales and interest in MICA was high. There was a lot of excitement as attendees gathered around the chart showing the numerous MICA properties, with much chatting about the new mooring program introduced last year.

We gained just over 100 memberships, with many purchases made easily and quickly on our new website. If you renewed or purchased a membership, we thank you for your support. If you missed the show and would like to purchase a membership, here is a quick link,


MICA lifetime membership purchasers were entered in a draw for a MICA hat, with the winner being Bruce Flinn. Thank you and congratulations, Bruce! When asked why he chose to purchase a lifetime membership, he replied,

“I chose to purchase a lifetime membership to demonstrate my support for MICA&’s new public mooring project. A few years back I removed my moorings from MICA islands when I read that private moorings were being discouraged. Until that point it had not occurred to me that my moorings presented a problem. I had placed them well away from the best anchoring spots, had them plainly marked with my cell number, and shared them with anyone who wanted to use them.

I have missed my moorings. I barely visited any of the MICA Islands last summer, other than Quaker, which has a CYC mooring. Some of the islands have very poor holding for a boat like mine. There is a rocky bottom off Long Island, kelp off Birch, and coarse sand off Mason’s. Access to some islands is hampered by a maze of makeshift and derelict private moorings.

Other islands have muddy beds of eel grass, which can provide excellent holding, but which I understand are fast disappearing and easily damaged. I am very pleased to see that public moorings are being set. My family and I will once again be able to enjoy some of our favorite Islands in any weather and rest easy on a secure and well maintained mooring. I believe this project is a brilliant solution to deal with the issue of private moorings crowding out
other users.

I feel this is a wonderful way to encourage the use of these islands by all, and in the manner MICA and other stakeholders intended.

I am hoping there will eventually be multiple public moorings for each MICA island and would like to encourage this in any way I can.”
Best regards,
Bruce Flinn

MICA would like to extend a big thank you to the following volunteers who worked the booth during the four day event. We so appreciate their commitment to MICA and it’s Mission! Wishing you warm thoughts of pleasant days on the waters and shores of Mahone Bay!¬†

Kimble Meagher

Peter Bangay

Bryan Palfreyman

Syd Dumaresq

Eric Harding 

Judy and John Bain

Wilson Fitt

David, Olive and Jack Thomson

Ton Groenestein and Robyn Wiltshire

Scott and Patti Robertson

Deb Hawkes and Rob Inness

Wendy McDonald

Krista and Gary Longard

John and Janet Meisner