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1879 Lunenburg County Map


Ahangarzadeh, E. The Secret at Mahone Bay., 2008.
A theft, in the guise of a business transaction, initiates a search to uncover a secret protected since the fourteenth century on a little-known island. Sean Allen, rising young attorney and distant relative of Captain William Kidd, finds himself caught up in a race against a notorious businessman to discover the truth behind a legend that has mesmerised people for over three hundred years.

Day, F.P. Rockbound. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 1928.
In a classic Nova Scotia novel about life on an island in Mahone Bay, to the harsh domain of Rockbound, governed by the sternly righteous and rapacious Uriah Jung, comes the youthful David Jung to claim his small share of the island. Filled with dreamy optimism and a love for the island, David tries to find his way in a narrow, unforgiving and controlled world.

Gilkerson, W. Pirate’s Passage. Boston: Trumpeter Books, 2006.
In 1952, a storm brings a small boat into port in Mahone Bay. The boat’s owner, Captain Charles Johnson, takes up residence at the inn run by Jim and his mother. With each passing day, the Captain’s presence becomes more valuable to the family as they struggle to keep the inn open for business, and his background becomes more mysterious as Jim discovers how much the Captain knows about the lives of pirates.

Jess, C.R. Bearer of the Chosen Seed. Port Williams: Inscape Publications, 2003.
Set in 1756, this is a story of Marie Payzant’s incredible struggle for survival amid the tumult of an attack on her island home in Mahone Bay, and an epic thousand-mile canoe journey to Quebec City.

Pardy, L. A Lady of Lunenburg: Nova Scotia, 1752. Victoria: Trafford Publishing, 2010.
Anna Elisabeth is one of the Protestant settlers who founded the town of Lunenburg in 1753. Her story is a weaving of hope and hardship, death and survival, played out against a backdrop of political intrigue for the domination of North America by England and France, the Catholic and Protestant Churches, and their pawns, the Acadians, the Mi’kmaq and the newly arrived Foreign Protestants.


Bennett, A.B. and Heisler, G. Duelling Dories: 50 Years of International Dory Racing in Nova Scotia. Tantallon: Four East Publications, 2002.

Carnahan, P. Schooner Master: A Portrait of David Stevens. White River Junction: Chelsea Green Publishing Company, 2004.

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IMAGE: Mahone Bay, 1910 – Launch of the Schooner ‘Arkona’.

Maritime Museum of the Atlantic. Nova Scotia Schooners Built from 1892 – 1963. Halifax: The Maritime Museum of the Atlantic.

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Reynolds, M. The Mystery of the Oak Island Treasure: Two Hundred Years of Hope and Despair. Toronto: Altitude Publishing, 2005.

1929 Dept. of Mines Map


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