Hello from the web guy

Hello from the web guy

Hi folks,

I’m really excited for everyone to see the new MICA website.

This has been a great project for me to work on, not just because of the fantastic cause that is MICA, but also because I have met some fantastic people along the way.

To be honest, I was familiar with MICA before I started, but I didn’t realize just how amazing a job John and his team of Stewardship Champions are doing. As I did my research on the project, and visited some of the spots, I’ve really started to appreciate just how amazing this resource is, and how fortunate we are to have it on our doorsteps. The job that the MICA team are doing, not only in terms of acquisitions, but the incredible job of stewarding the islands under some very real challenges. We all really do have a huge responsibility to protect and conserve this amazing resource for now and for future generations.

As for the website, first shout out must go to Barbara Wuertz, who for years has been looking after the existing site on a volunteer basis. Based on the content alone, I can tell that she has done a fantastic job, and one of my main priority was to do all of her hard work justice, and not throw away years of amazing data. So thank you, Barbara, for making my life so much easier!

The second shout out has to go to John, who has spent hours not only digging out photos for me, but also generating content to help me fill in the gaps. I’ve only known John for a few months, but I can already tell you that MICA is very lucky to have this guy at the helm, as his passion, dedication and pure enthusiasm for this foundation is inspirational.

My job was really just to tidy up the existing content with a new modern look and feel, but also make the new site user-friendly and easy for our visitors to navigate around and get to the areas that really interest them. With the help of Martin and Deb, we have worked hard on the new membership and donation area of the website, with all transactions happening securely online. We hope that it is a lot easier for our members and new visitors to get involved.

It has been a real privilege to work on this project with these great people, and I’m excited to be part of it going forward. In fact, you can come and meet me at the 2023 Boat Show in Halifax, as I’ll be volunteering at the MICA Booth.

If anyone has any feedback or questions about the new site, please contact me through the website, and I’ll be happy to get back to you.

Thank you.

Dave Thomson
Web Developer.