Greetings from the Chair

Greetings from the Chair

The first public meeting was called for March 29, 2003 in the town of Mahone Bay by Michael Ernst, who became our founding Chair. This meeting was in response to concerns raised by a small group of local people in 2002 regarding the accelerated private development and uncertainty of the future of many of the Mahone Bay islands. This uncertainty threatened the traditional use of the islands by locals and visitors, and also the natural island landscape that has been and continues to be so important to Mahone Bay and the area.

The Mahone Islands Conservation Association was formed after that meeting.

As we look ahead, there will be increased pressures on ‘The Mahone Islands Conservation Area’. Much of the shoreline of Mahone Bay has been or is being developed, leaving very little natural landscape. There are many more boats and many more people with the ability to get to our islands. Traditional use is a significant component of our Mission.

We collectively have a huge responsibility to protect and conserve this tremendous resource for now and for future generations.

We sincerely thank our members, our donors, our government partners and our corporate supporters for their significant contributions to MICA.

I would like to recognize our current Directors and former Directors who have demonstrated a tremendous commitment and passion for MICA and have invested significant time and energy to protect and make available, for public use, this special place in the world.

I would also like to recognize Dave Thomson, developer of our new website and our website committee of Directors Deb Hawkes and Martin Balcome. We hope you find our new site interesting and inspiring.

Thank you.

John Meisner
Chair and founding Director.