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MICA Annual General Meeting 2009
Notice of Annual General Meeting 2009 PDF

Date: June 9, 2009 at 7:00 p.m. at the Lunenburg Yacht Club

2008 Annual General Meeting
Report of Directors

Chairman's Report
In its 6th year since incorporation as a Society, MICA has made significant accomplishments towards our Mission. Partnering with the Province of Nova Scotia for the purchase of Andrews Island in the fall of 2005, and the joint acquisition of Backmans and Covey in 2007, meant that these three prime islands would be protected and available for public use in perpetuity.

This past year MICA has assisted with the acquisition of additional prime island properties - first, with Municipality of the District of Lunenburg in the acquisition of the northern end of Masons Island, adjacent to the existing Masons Island property owned by the Municipality.

Secondly, MICA was approached by the Long Island Preservation Society regarding a donation of Long, Snipe, Dry and Centre Islands. We were very pleased to have assisted with and facilitated the donation process to the Province by the LIPS group. We intend to recognize this generous act of the Society at the MICA reception on July 18, 2008 at the LYC.

The Gala Dinner and Art Auction held on November 9, 2007 was another huge success. It was the 5th such event, contributing solidly to our fundraising and providing an evening of fun and fellowship.

Stewardship Report
The Stewardship Committee is working with the local office of the Department of Natural Resources to ensure the islands are properly respected. MICA has signed a Stewardship Agreement with the Municipality of the District of Lunenburg for the recently acquired Masons Island property. The Coastal Protection Seminar with the Nova Scotia Nature Trust, Chester Chapter, held on May 10 of this year generated positive feedback.

The Membership and Public Relations Committee has been active building the membership, publishing the newsletter and maintaining MICA's excellent web site. During the past year, we exhibited at the Classic Boat Festival in Mahone Bay and the Halifax International Boat Show.

Finance and Acquisition & Administration Committee
The Finance, Acquisition and Administration Committee reviewed the by-laws with suggested 'housekeeping' revisions. The by-laws were e-mailed to members for consideration and mailed to the remaining membership and passed at the AGM Numerous presentations were made to groups and organizations to promote MICA's mission and to solicit partners for specific projects.

MICA has contributed nearly four hundred thousand dollars to date towards our acquisitions. This is a very significant amount of money raised through general donations, the Dinner and Art Auctions and through specific fundraising campaigns. We offer our sincere thanks to all who have donated to make our acquisitions possible.

Nominating Committee
With one director, Anne Bailly, stepping down, the list of directors for 2008-2009 is John Meisner, Michael Ernst, Georg Ernst, Sherry Swinamer, Bryan Palfreyman, Sherrill Harrison, Barbara Wuertz, Brom Hart, Karen Janigan, Colin Mann, Brenton Aulenback and our new director, David Nicholson.

Looking Ahead for 2008
It is important that MICA continue its mandate by acquiring island properties in Mahone Bay. This can be accomplished by direct acquisition with a major funding partner, by donations as was done by LIPS or by conservation easements. Our message continues to be - if we don't act now, it will be too late. MICA is currently working on projects, which, if successful, will complement the acquisitions already completed. These projects are currently confidential but will be announced when appropriate, at which time the fundraising campaign for them will also be announced. For the coming year, planned activities include continuing the work of expanding our membership, maintaining the stewardship of our islands in conjunction with the province and municipality, documenting the history and developing a database of the islands and of course planning for the 6th Gala Dinner and Art Auction this fall.
In closing, I would also like to thank our dedicated Directors and committee members who have devoted so much time and energy working for our organization.

Respectively submitted;
John Meisner, Chair

Report edited by Sherrill Harrison for the web site
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