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2018 MICA Annual General Meeting

June 5, 2018 at 7:00 p.m. at the Lunenburg Yacht Club

MICA held its 16th Annual General Meeting on Tuesday June 5th at 7 pm at the Lunenburg Yacht Club with 42 members in attendance.

John Meisner, Chair of MICA presented the Annual Report of the Directors which included

  • Highlights of the previous year noting the on-going transfer to the Province of donated lots of Zwicker Island and 1/2 of Ernst Island and a joint stewardship agreement with NCC concerning Snake, Lynch & Quaker Islands.
  • Thanks to the estate of Rudy Haase for the donation of two valuable waterfront lots on Molands Point in East Chester. These lots have been transferred to the Municipality of the District of Chester under stewardship and conservation agreements.
  • Comments of the Gala Dinner and Auction for the previous November thanking all donors, artists, committee members and helpers.
  • Details on MICA fundraising over the past year with thanks to MICA funding partners.
  • Details on MICA Corporate Supporters with thanks and appreciation.
  • A summary of island and property acquisitions to date.
  • Information on acquired property titles and stewardship.
  • Review of draft Island Use Guidelines
  • Introduction of and thanks to the current board of Directors.
  • John concluded by thanking all in attendance for their continued support.
Director and treasurer, Georg Ernst presented an audited detailed financial report.

Bryan Palfreyman, Vice Chair and Director of the Nominating Committee presented the following slate of directors for the upcoming year.
  1. Bryan Palfreyman
  2. Deb Hawkes
  3. Georg Ernst
  4. John Meisner
  5. Martin Balcome
  6. Michael Ernst
  7. Scott Robertson
  8. Syd Dumaresq
  9. Krista Longard
Attendees were reminded of the following upcoming events:
  1. GDA Thank You Reception -TBA
  2. MICA/IPYC Yacht Race- July 1st
  3. MICA History Evening-September 19th
  4. Gala Dinner and Art Auction, Atlantica Oak Island- November 9th

John Meisner was thanked for his outstanding efforts as chair of the Board and received a round of applause.

Sharon Isnor was also recognized with a round of applause for her many years of dedicated work as a member of the Gala Dinner and Auction.

Following the AGM, MICA members were treated to a lively and informative presentation on the legendary Oak Island. William "Billy" Gerhardt, who owns and operates William A Gerhardt Property Improvement Company, introduced the guest speaker, Charles Barkhouse. For years Charles has been the local Oak Island historian and now, he is also a costar and production consultant for the hit TV series, "The Curse of Oak Island". Indeed, Billy has also played a role in the series, operating heavy equipment and he can be seen in at least two episodes.

Scott Robertson, Billy Gerhardt, Charles Barkhouse, Martin Balcome at MICA's 16th AGM.

"The Curse of Oak Island" has been in production for 5 years, airing 62 episodes showing in 65 countries worldwide. It has received top ratings for cable television series,often rating number one. It is well loved by young and old, making it a great family show.

This Nova Scotia story is now a world story, with the added benefit of increasing Nova Scotia tourism. Six hours after this summer's public tour tickets went on sale, they were sold out! Brothers Rick and Marty Lagina, from Michigan, are committed to continue the 223 year old treasure hunt regardless of whether or not they receive the go ahead for season six of the series. Furthermore, the brothers view themselves as stewards of the island and WHEN the treasure is found, they pledge to preserve the island for future generations!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

2018 MICA Annual General Meeting


Notice is hereby given that the annual general meeting of the members of the Mahone Islands Conservation Association, a body corporate pursuant to the Societies Act of Nova Scotia (the "Association") will be held at the Lunenburg Yacht Club on June 5, 2018, at 7:00 o'clock in the evening, for the purpose of:
  1. Consideration of the minutes of preceding Annual General Meeting;

  2. Consideration of the Annual Report of the Directors;

  3. Consideration of the Financial Statements, including balance sheet and operating statement and the report of the Auditors therein;

  4. Electing Directors for the ensuing year;

  5. Appointment of Auditors for the ensuing year;

  6. Transacting such further and other business as may properly come before the meeting or any adjournment thereof.

Dated May 22, 2018 on behalf of the board of Directors.

Secretary: Syd Dumaresq

  • Subsequent to the AGM, there will be a presentation about Oak Island including a bit of the island history and the recent efforts to unlock the mystery.

  • Membership dues can be paid at the AGM.

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