Chockle Cap Island Acquisition

Chockle Cap Island Acquisition

Congratulations MICA members, supporters and partners!

The Mahone Islands Conservation Association (MICA) Board of Directors is very pleased to announce that Chockle Cap Island was acquired in partnership with the Province of Nova Scotia on March 28, 2024.

We offer our sincere thanks and appreciation to the Province through the Department of Natural Resources and Renewables which now holds title to the island.  We also offer sincere thanks to the many private and corporate donors who have supported MICA.  It is this support that allows us to take the initiative on acquisitions.  A typical MICA – PNS Stewardship Agreement will follow which will ensure ongoing protection of the island.

Chockle Cap is a prominent rock island in the Rackets area of Mahone Bay with a land area of about 4 acres. Other MICA islands in the area include Long, Dry, Centre, Snipe and Shag. A bit further away is MICA’s Sacrifice Island.

Unlike other MICA islands, Chockle Cap has little vegetation being primarily steep cliff with shallow soil and exposed rock. It is an important sanctuary for a variety of nesting and breeding seabirds. As such, MICA considered it important to acquire the island for conservation protection.

We encourage people to observe the natural wonders of the island from their boats but ask not to try to land on the island.

The purchase of this island marks another partnered acquisition to add to the existing MICA islands and shoreline properties. This collection of islands and shoreline properties is truly a significant accomplishment for our members, our supporters, our partners and our friends since our beginning in 2003.

We ask for and appreciate financial donations so we can continue with partnered acquisitions in this very special part of the world, for conservation and public use.

You may do so by:

  1. cheque to MICA, PO Box 427, Mahone Bay, NS B0J 2E0, or
  2. clicking HERE

Receipts will be provided.

Regarding Membership, thank you to all our members who are paid up to date. This is very helpful to MICA and sends a strong message to our partners and contributors that we have large public support. Our goal is that everyone who enjoys our islands in any way is a MICA member.

Please follow this link to renew your membership and please encourage your friends to join.

MICA Directors extend a sincere and hearty ‘thank you and congratulations’ to our members, our private supporters, our corporate supporters, our Gala Dinner and Auction supporters, our countless volunteers, the Province of Nova Scotia, the Municipality of the District of Lunenburg and the Municipality of Chester for their help in creating this legacy.

The Mahone Conservation Area has become quite significant.

Thank you.

MICA Board of Directors