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We are very fortunate to have these prime islands and island properties. MICA has the stewardship responsibility for this wonderful resource.

We collectively must ensure that they are respected and conserved…

MICA has an amazing group of Island Champions who are keeping their eyes on their assigned islands, conducting inspections, reporting back and helping with the general stewardship.

MICA, the Province of Nova Scotia, the Municipality of the District of Lunenburg and the Municipality of the District of Chester, have invested very significant financial resources to bring 18 Mahone Bay islands, island properties and shoreline properties into public ownership for conservation and for traditional public use.

In addition, MICA financially supported the acquisition of Quaker, Lynch and Snake Islands by the Nature Conservancy of Canada. MICA has legal agreements with the property title holder for Stewardship responsibilities.

Please leave only your footprints

Our Basic Guidelines

01. Garbage

  • DO pack out what you pack in. 
  • If you find trash, please remove it.
  • ‘Leave only your footprints’.

02. Campsites

  • DO use only existing campsites. 
  • Keep campsites small.
  • Bury human waste.

03. Trails

  • DO use only established trails. 
  • DO NOT make new ones.
  • Stay off the beach grass.

04. Firepits

  • Use existing fire pits.
  • Do not try to burn your garbage – remove it.
  • Before leaving your campsite, ensure all fires are extinguished. Do not fill in the fire pit with sand.
  • Burn only dead wood debris from the ground that can be broken by hand.
  • Observe all fire bans and the Provincial Burn Map.

05. Wildlife

  • Be respectful of and try to minimize the stress on all wildlife.
  • Note that there are osprey nests near some popular landing sites.

06. Pets

  • Control and clean up after your pets at all times.
  • Be aware that there are often nesting birds in the grass and on the shoreline.

07. Anchoring

  • DO NOT set moorings
  • DO consider anchoring instead, or use Public Moorings if available.

08. Harmful Plants

  • There is evidence of Cow’s Parsnip on some MICA islands, which can be harmful to people or animals who come in contact with it. Please take adequate precautions.

09. Neighbours

  • Be respectful and considerate of your neighbours, both on land and on water.

“We thank you for your help and support in ensuring good stewardship of these islands. Please communicate these guidelines to your friends who use our islands, and also encourage them to join MICA if they haven’t already.”

Our Government Partners

MICA has been working with the Province of Nova Scotia through the Department of Natural Resources and Renewables since our beginnings. The Province been a tremendous partner. In addition, the Municipality of the District of Lunenburg has supported MICA in several important acquisitions, as has the Municipality of Chester.

Do you care about the islands of Mahone Bay like we do? Get involved!