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“To protect and conserve the natural environment of the islands and shoreline of Mahone Bay, and the traditional, social and recreational opportunities valued by its various communities.”


We are very pleased to have, with our partners, brought these Mahone Bay islands, island properties and shoreline properties into public ownership. MICA has an important role in the Stewardship of this wonderful resource.

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With the tremendous support of our government partners, our members and our donors, MICA has now acquired a substantial number of prime Mahone Bay islands, island properties and shoreline properties. The Mahone Islands Conservation Area has become very substantial.

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The last number of years have seen a significant number of unauthorized private moorings set around MICA islands. Most are located in prime locations in close proximity to the most desirable beaches and landing spots. MICA has put in place a plan to manage this challenge.

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Our Corporate Supporters have been tremendously important to MICA fundraising since our beginnings. Our Mission would not be possible without them, and harnessing these relationships is vital to our success.

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We try to keep our members up-to-date with all the latest news concerning the islands, including what we are up to at MICA and events we are attending. You can receive our newsletter and much more.

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Mahone Bay area residents and visitors, have enjoyed the beauty of our islands and shoreline communities for generations. From the outset MICA has collected and archived historical information on the environment and those who lived in the area, so that it is not lost to future generations.

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Our Government Partners

Since 2003 MICA has worked with the Province of Nova Scotia, they have been a tremendous partner in our work.

In addition, the District of Lunenburg and the Municipality of Chester have supported MICA in several important acquisitions.


This award is intended to recognise and honor an outstanding and exceptional contribution to the work of MICA, as defined by our Mission. It is considered very prestigious and is to be awarded only when MICA Directors consider it meritorious. Current MICA Directors are ineligible for the award.

Past Recipients

Awarded at the May 2008 AGM

Presented with a custom plate made by Tim Worthington

The late Honourable Michael Baker MLA was a true friend and supporter of MICA. Michael was instrumental during the formation of MICA in the development of the strategy with the Province of Nova Scotia for partnered acquisitions. This enduring relationship resulted in so many successes for both our association and the Province.

We were very honoured to have presented Michael with the first Mahone Islands Conservation Award at the 2008 Annual General Meeting for his outstanding contribution to MICA. Michael’s legacy will live on through our beautiful islands.

Awarded at the Nov 2009 GDA

Presented with a custom plate made by Tim Worthington

Marg was very supportive of MICA from the start through her newspapers. The papers regularly ran articles about MICA activities including our clean up of Sheep Island for the NCC in 2003.

One major boost was a two page spread when we started fundraising for Andrews Island which was tremendously helpful in MICA being able to raise sufficient funds to meet our commitment for our first partnered island acquisition. This acquisition legitimized MICA as a serious conservation group.

MICA received a great deal of local ongoing press coverage, thanks to Marg.

Awarded at the Nov 2010 GDA

Presented with a custom plate made by Tim Worthington

Martin Rudy Haase was both humble and mighty. As Founder of the Friends of Nature Conservation Society in 1954, Rudy was an environmentalist before the word was coined.

Through his leadership environmental successes occurred worldwide. Rudy’s dedication, enthusiasm and quiet determination knew no bounds. Here in Nova Scotia Rudy became a leader in land conservation, purchasing and donating large parcels of wilderness. In 2010 Rudy became the third recipient of the MICA Award. This award is given to an individual who has been outstanding in furthering the spirit and intent of MICA’s Mission – To protect and conserve the natural environment of the islands and shoreline of Mahone Bay, and the traditional, social and recreational opportunities valued by its various communities.

Awarded May 14, 2022 at MOCA (MICA Oakland Conservation Area) at a send off event for them on their move to BC.

Presented with a plaque and a ‘whimiscal fish’ crafted by Gary Longard

It was Michael’s vision in 2002 that resulted in the founding of MICA. He served as Chair until 2007 and has chaired the Resource Documentation committee since then which has been responsible for the ever popular and informative annual MICA History Days (Evenings). Nikki was an original Director, served as our first Treasurer and had a huge contribution to the organization of the 17 Gala Dinner and Auctions that have been so important as a MICA fundraiser and promoter.

Michael and Nikki have certainly left a great legacy with MICA and the area and we wish them the best as they move forward to the next chapter in their lives in British Columbia.

Michael intends to stay on the board and as such the stipulation that current board members are ineligible for the award was waved.


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