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Oakland Waterfront Property Acquisition

January 8, 2021 Update

October 9, 2020 Announcement

January 8, 2021

To: MICA Members


MICA Directors are very pleased to announce that we have met and exceeded our fund-raising goal of $ 52,500. This is the amount we needed to raise by March 31, 2021 to complete our financial commitment for the recent joint acquisition of the Oakland property with the Municipality of the District of Lunenburg (MODL).

We offer our sincere thank you to all our donors who have responded so quickly and generously to our appeal.

We also sincerely thank the companies that have responded to our solicitation to date. Many of these companies are long standing MICA supporters and for that we offer a hearty ‘thank you’. We are also very pleased to welcome our new MICA Corporate Supporters.

Please visit the property. It is approximately 4 kilometers down the Oakland Road.

Even though we have met our fund-raising goal for this project we will still continue to fund raise for future acquisitions. We welcome any donations any time and provide charitable receipts for the full amount of the donation.

Again, thank you for your support. The Mahone Conservation Area has become very substantial thanks to you. ‎

Donations may be made by cheque to MICA, PO Box 427, Mahone Bay, NS B0J 2E0, or online at through PayPal or Receipts will be provided.

And just as a reminder, memberships can be renewed on line or by mail.

Together we are creating a legacy.


MICA Board of Directors

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October 9, 2020

The Mahone Islands Conservation Association (MICA) Board of Directors is very pleased to announce that MICA and the Municipality of the District of Lunenburg (MODL) have entered into a partnership agreement with respect to the acquisition of prime waterfront property located on Mahone Bay. The purchase of the property took place on October 9, 2020.

This shoreline property located in Oakland, totaling nearly 2 acres, features a beautiful beach, a partial seawall, a pond and wetland area and a significant portion of undeveloped natural landscape.

Oakland waterfront
Oakland Waterfront Property

MODL will hold title and MICA will have an advisory stewardship role for the property, similar to the existing MICA islands.

The vision for the property is to maintain it in essentially its natural state with minor landscaping improvements in due course to help facilitate property access and enhance conservation values. The concept of 'LEAVE ONLY YOUR FOOTPRINTS' will be employed, similar to the MICA islands and the goal of 'Property Users are the Property Stewards' will be the guiding principle for its usage.The property complements the 18 MICA islands and parts thereof in Mahone Bay previously acquired in partnership for conservation and traditional public use.

This is MICA's first joint acquisition for mainland property and very much supports the MICA Mission. It is nearby Andrews Island, the first MICA island.

Oakland waterfront
Oakland Waterfront Property

MICA is also very pleased to advise that, included in this acquisition, is the adjacent across the road upland property. This property consists of a substantial field which flows towards a wetland marsh and pond known locally as the Sweet Marsh. The intention is that this property be treated as a conservation area as well.

MICA has been very active for over three years in pursuing this important acquisition. We are therefore very delighted to have finally succeeded. We appreciate and recognize the strong working relationship that we have developed with MODL, Tom MacEwan CAO, and with the support of Mayor Bolivar-Getson and Council.

MICA's financial commitment for the acquisition is $262,500 plus associated legal fees. We need to fundraise $ 52,500 by March 31, 2021 to meet the balance of our financial obligation. We respectfully ask that you donate toward this exciting acquisition.

You may do so by cheque to MICA, PO Box 427, Mahone Bay, NS B0J 2E0, or online at through PayPal or Receipts will be provided. Any funds raised additional to this amount will be retained by MICA and used for future acquisitions.

In summary, this is the third partnered acquisition project in which MICA has partnered with MODL. The first, in 2007, was the Northern end of Masons Island; the second, in 2014, was the big cove central portion of Masons Island which also included the Province of Nova Scotia such that MODL ended up with the Wiles Lake Department of Lands and Forestry Depot.

MICA extends a sincere and hearty 'thank you and congratulations' to our members, our private supporters, our corporate supporters, our Gala Dinner and Auction supporters, the Province of Nova Scotia, our countless volunteers and especially our partners in this acquisition, the Municipality of the District of Lunenburg.

Together we are creating a legacy.

Thank you and congratulations,

MICA Board of Directors

Oakland waterfront
Oakland Waterfront Property

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