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Island developments worry Mahone Bay residents
WebPosted Mar 30 2003 09:23 AM AST
CBC News

HALIFAX  -   People in Mahone Bay expressed concerns about unsightly developments on nearby islands. Some are worried about losing traditional recreation space in the bay.

A group called the Mahone Islands Conservation Association held its first public meeting Saturday.

Michael Ernst is the chairman of the group.

He told a crowd of more than 150 people what the group is all about.

"We are not in the business of stopping development. We are not in the business of being tree huggers," Ernst said. " We are concerned people because we're seeing developments taking place that we feel are not necessarily beneficial to the people who live here."

Area residents filled the Anglican church hall

Area residents filled the Anglican church hall

Many islands in the area are owned privately.

Some housing developments are cropping up.

Ernst says the association may buy some islands to ensure residents have access to them.

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Mahone Bay

Mahone Bay

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